Abigail Whipp - Mother - Designer, Passionate Creative, get to know me......



Hi my name is Abigail, welcome to my work.  I am really excited that you would like to learn more about me!

With the obvious exception of my family, my passion is connecting with people and creating beautiful pieces of art that provoke thought,  tell a story,  and build strong connections with our loved ones. 


If you know me already, you will know that I believe passionately that life is too short to not be living your best life. For the most part I believe we all have choices,  if our reality does not match the ideal we hold in our minds eye, then we need to take steps to make changes, whether that is related to our personal or professional lives.

So this is me:

I grew up in the City of Brighton, or to be more specific, the small coastal town of Saltdean, but you've heard of Brighton right??

With a natural passion for detail, creativity, multiples and anything shiny, I completed my Art Foundation and moved to Sheffield where I began a degree in Metalwork & Jewellery design, proudly the first person in my family to go to University.

In 1995 I graduated with my degree and as an added bonus, I left with my future husband, a little more blessed than I expected! 

We soon married and settled down into a happy, conventional life, here in Barnoldswick, mortgage, full time jobs and a cat!  I took on a customer service role within a recruitment environment and while I loved connecting and chatting with people, I felt my creative passion was being lost in the day to day routine (unless you count the burnt orange rag painted walls that were very fashionable in the 90's, honest!)

Fast forward a few years, a couple of different jobs in recruitment a house move or two and two gorgeous boys later, I felt that I needed two things, an outlet for my creativity and to be more present for our boys. 

So, with the support of my husband, I bit the bullet and made a choice to change things. I left my reliable, regularly paid job, set up my business and the rest as they say is history. 

Please feel free to look through my work, you'll see that I do my best to cater for every client and budget, if you don't see what you are looking for please get in touch, I love nothing more that creating bespoke pieces. If it tells a story and connects you with your loved ones, then I consider my job done.  I love to work with paper and enjoy discovering new materials that I can cut with my scalpel, including more exclusive materials such as stone veneer, have a nosey at my bespoke page for examples. 

Where possible I up-cycle the materials I use and consider the impact on our environment when I am designing my pieces.

My frames for bespoke pieces are handmade locally to ensure great quality for my clients.

When I’m not working, I do my best to experience as much as I possibly can, I am more present for my husband and boys, I have precious time with family and friends and also for myself.  It's not unusual to find me up a hill admiring the view ( a little out of breath!) or wandering along the canal with friends. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me,  I would love to connect , please consider subscribing to my email newsletter where I will keep you updated with everything that is Creative Cuts,   Abigail xxx